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Age Range                3 months to 18 months [guide only]


Ratio                           1:3



The Baby room is designed to aid the child’s developmental needs and this is achievable by employing qualified, experienced and competent staff who understand the needs of children under 18 months and can provide suitable stimulus and a productive environment.


Age ranges are as follows:  3 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months and 9 –12 months & 12 – 18 months. Your child will be provided with experiences relevant to their age and/or stage of development, encouraging physical and intellectual growth, whilst at the same time continually aiding your child’s social and emotional development.  Developmental charts are kept for each of the above stages and may be viewed by you at any time.


Floor toys, activity mats, books, holistic baskets and construction boxes will help your child develop fine and gross motor control, whilst group activities such as painting, water play and play dough will aid in promoting confidence and self awareness skills. Weather permitting the babies will also venture out to the garden, where they can interact with the older children. We are delighted to welcome older siblings into our baby room at any stage to visit.


We ask you to give us a written routine, prior to your child beginning in the Creche. This routine should include: sleep and feeding patterns as well as play and nurturing preferences i.e. how your baby likes to be held or comforted, do they have a pet name etc. Once you and your baby have settled into Creche life, we will discuss how we feel the routine is working and if there are any changes that we feel would be beneficial to you and your child. Routines are based on well-researched practises that are age appropriate and in accordance with childcare experts. We are also delighted for parental involvement and input.


A settling in period is recommended by us in order for you and your child to gradually settle into the Crèche. See Policy and Procedure Booklet. Usually a settling in period last for the week before the child is due to start.

A ‘care book’ is given to you each day, detailing your child’s day i.e. bottles taken, nappies, food etc. All books must be placed in your child’s bag to be filled in for the next day. Any comments you may wish to make may be written in these books, however we do encourage all parents to try and make time to talk to your child’s carer each day in addition to the care books.

Please provide two changes of clothes for your baby and leave these in his/her bag. All of your baby’s belongings should be clearly labelled.



The cot room is situated beside the Baby Room. There is a viewing window and baby monitor. Children are physically checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping.


Once your child is fully weaned and has been introduced to a variety of solids the Creche will supply all meals. All meals will be liquidised as necessary. When your child begins to grow teeth we will advise you when we feel your child’s meals should become lumpier.

Please check our weekly menus posted on the news board in the entrance hall to make sure you are happy for your child to eat the food supplied, if not you may supply an alternative. All food groups are adhered to and meals are prepared daily on site. We have a HACCAP operation laid out in the kitchen

The Creche does not provide Baby Milk or Baby juice. All milk should come to the Creche ready made; the bottle should be clearly labelled. Please inform a member of staff how you wish the bottle to be heated. Milk, juice and food are placed in the refrigerator in the kitchen.



Nappy Changing
We ask parents to bring in nappies, wipes and/or cotton wool and any creams or powders you may use for nappy changing. Your child has an individual box where their nappies and cream are kept. Nappies can be supplied daily or for convenience you may supply a bag every couple of weeks. A note will be placed in your care book when you are running low. Nappies are changed at 10.00am, 2.00pm and 4.00pm or as and when necessary. See policy and procedure booklet for nappy changing procedure


If your child uses a soother, blanket or comforter, these may be brought into the Creche, please however double check that they are in your child’s bag before you leave the Creche. All soothers will be placed in sterile containers in between use. This can dis-colour the teet of the soother after time.