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Age Range                18 months to 30 months [guide only]


Ratio:                          1:5




This is the room to where your baby will graduate! The above age range is only a guide and depending on your child’s overall development he/she may move down at different ages.

A period of time will lapse before your child will move down permanently. We encourage your child to visit at times where the Wobbler Room is quite and for short periods of time. We also use the ‘pairing system’, where if possible we move two children to a new room together, so that your child has a familiar face to play with, whilst making new friends. The visits may continue for some time, until we feel your child is comfortable with his/her new environment. Staff are always on hand to discuss your child’s progress and two way communications is very important at this stage.


A communal  ‘care book’ is used each day, detailing your child’s day i.e. bottles taken, nappies etc, however a member of staff will always be on hand to talk to you about your child’s day.


A detailed written report will be given to you every 2 months outlining your child’s progress and interests.


Routines and Activities


The routine in the Wobbler Room is a little more structured than the Baby Room. Appropriate activities are introduced to your child aiding all areas of development and in particular his/her intrinsic sense for independence and exploration. These are provided through short structured play programmes. Arts, crafts, music, books, puzzles, tabletop toys, construction boxes, home play, water play and sand play are just some of the activities on offer! Regular trips, weather permitting, to the garden take place.




We ask you to supply and leave a spare set of clothes for your child in the Crèche. Due to the creative [but messy] activities that the children participate in, we do advise you to dress your child in appropriate clothes and to leave your child’s ‘Sunday Best’ for Sundays!! Aprons are provided however children of this age very often refuse to wear them and we like to include all of the children in our activities.




We try to encourage your child to have just one nap per day. Nap time is between 12.00pm and 2.30pm. All children sleep on individual floor mats with sheets and a member of staff is in the room to monitor the children at all times. Please discuss with a member of staff, the length of time you wish your child to sleep if your child is awake outside of the set sleep times, depending on their age, they will either go up to the Baby Room or to the Toddler Room.


Wobblers may sleep at any time during the day, either on a mat in the room or in a cot if the sleep timetable does not suit your child or they need more than one sleep.




All meals are provided for your child. Please refer to Menu Board each week to see what your child will be eating. If you do not wish your child to eat something on our menu, please let us know. We do encourage children to try different foods – tastes and textures. Your child should be fully weaned at this stage.

Water is offered to your child throughout the day. Age appropriate beakers are introduced to your child in this room. Your child may still require a bottle of milk; you must supply this. It will be stored in the refrigerator in the kitchen. Milk is provided by the Creche at lunchtime.